Makita Product Catalogue
Makita Price List
1AURAMIX 350 INK3 (200L) (PCE Based Admixture for Precast Products)#N/A
2BRUSHBOND RFX GREY (20.088KG) (Waterproof Coating Two Pack)₹2,066.00
3BRUSHBOND ROOFGUARD WHITE (4L) (Fibre Reinforced Acrylic Waterproofing for Roofing)₹1,456.00
4BRUSHBOND ROOFGUARD WHITE (20L) (Fibre Reinforced Acrylic Waterproofing for Roofing)₹5,848.00
5BRUSHBOND TGP (15KG) (Crystalline)₹1,292.00
6CEBEX100 (0.225KG) (Expanding Grout)₹59.00
7CEBEX 112 (20L) (Mortar Plasticizer)₹991.00
8CEBEX 112 (200L) (Mortar Plasticizer)₹6,945.00
9CONBEXTRA GP2 (25KG) (Non Shrink Free Flow Grout)₹511.00
10CONCURE WB WHITE (20L) (Curing Compound)₹2,372.00
11CONCURE WB WHITE (200L) (Curing Compound)₹20,547.00
12CONCURE WB STANDARD WHITE (20L) (Curing Compound)₹2,084.00
13CONPLAST CRYSTALLINE (30kg) (Admixture for Watertight Concrete)₹1,938.00
14CONPLAST WL (0.125L) (Admixture for Plaster & Concrete)₹26.00
15CONPLAST WL (1L) (Admixture for Plaster & Concrete)₹133.00
16CONPLAST WL (5L) (Admixture for Plaster & Concrete)₹518.00
17CONPLAST WL (20L) (Admixture for Plaster & Concrete)₹1,530.00
18CONPLAST WL (100L) (Admixture for Plaster & Concrete)₹7,131.00
19CONPLAST WL (200L) (Admixture for Plaster & Concrete)₹12,372.00
20CONPLAST SP430 SRV DIS (250KG) (Super Plasticising Admixture)₹14,335.00
21DECOFILL (1kg) (Fast Setting Flexible Acrylic Sealant)₹326.00
22HYDROPROOF XTRA (1L) (Acrylic Polymer Water Proofing)₹297.00
23HYDROPROOF XTRA (5L) (Acrylic Polymer Water Proofing)₹1,300.00
24HYDROPROOF XTRA (20L) (Acrylic Polymer Water Proofing)₹4,003.00
25LOKFIX P (0.5L) (Polyester Resin Anchor Grout)₹327.00
26LOKFIX E35S (300 ML) (Anchoring Grout)₹779.00
27LOKFIX E55S (300 ML) (Anchoring Grout)₹1,090.00
28LOKFIX E75 (385 ML) (Anchoring Grout)₹2,718.00
29NITOBOND AR STANDARD (1L) (Acrylic Emulsion Based Bonding Agent)₹330.00
30NITOBOND AR STANDARD (5L) (Acrylic Emulsion Based Bonding Agent)₹1,404.00
31NITOBOND AR STANDARD (20L) (Acrylic Emulsion Based Bonding Agent)₹4,030.00
32NITOBOND EP (1L) (Epoxy Concrete Bonding)₹1,160.00
33NITOBOND EP (4L) (Epoxy Concrete Bonding)₹3,224.00
34NITOBOND EP STANDARD (1L) (Epoxy Concrete Bonding)₹1,078.00
35NITOBOND EP STANDARD (4L) (Epoxy Concrete Bonding)₹2,814.00
36NITOBOND SBR LATEX (1L) (Bonding Agent)₹313.00
37NITOBOND SBR LATEX (5L) (Bonding Agent)₹1,282.00
38NITOBOND SBR LATEX (20L) (Bonding Agent)₹4,258.00
39NITOCOTE WALLGUARD WHITE BASE (20L) (Acrylic Waterproofing Coating for Exterior Walls)₹6,293.00
40NITOCOTE AP35 (1L) (Acrylic Based Cementitious Anticorrosive Coating)₹270.00
41NITOCOTE CM210 (18KG+5L) (Potable Water Approved)₹1,768.00
42NITOFLOR HARDTOP STANDARD (25KG) (Surface Hardner)₹433.00
43NITOSEAL PU40 GREY (0.6L) (PU Sealant)₹498.00
44NITOZINC PRIMER (1L) (Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer)₹1,164.00
45NITOZINC PRIMER (5L) (Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer)₹4,988.00
46NITOZINC PRIMER STANDARD (1L) (Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer)₹1,061.00
47NITOZINC PRIMER STANDARD (5L) (Epoxy Zinc Rich Primer)₹3,876.00
48REEBAKLENS (1L) (Tile Cleaner)₹131.00
49REEBAKLENS RR (1L) (Rust Remover & Passivator)₹303.00
50REEBAKLENS RR (5L) (Rust Remover & Passivator)₹1,308.00
51REEBOL EMULSION XTRA (20L) (Water Based Shuttering Oil)₹3,654.00
52REEBOL EMULSION XTRA (200L) (Water Based Shuttering Oil)₹26,558.00
53REEBOL INK2 (200L) (Oil Based Shuttering Oil)₹29,679.00
54RENDEROC CF GREY (25KG) (Crack Filler)₹783.00
55RENDEROC CF WHITE (1KG) (Crack Filler)₹88.00
56RENDEROC CF WHITE (25KG) (Crack Filler)₹997.00
57RENDEROC HS EXTRA (25kg) (High Strength Repair Mortar for Honeycomb)₹708.00
58RENDEROC PLUG (1KG) (Quick Setting Cement)₹71.00
59RENDEROC PLUG (5KG) (Quick Setting Cement)₹318.00
60RENDEROC PLUG (15KG) (Quick Setting Cement)₹838.00
61RENDEROC RGL (25KG) (Microconcrete)₹449.00
62RENDEROC SP40 (25KG) (Fibre Reinforced Polymer Repair Mortar)₹615.00
63NITOTILE GPX (30KG) (General Purpose for Wall & Floor)₹522.00
64NITOTILE MPA GREY (30KG) (Tile on Tile)₹637.00
65NITOTILE GTA Grey (37.5KG) (Large Format Tiles, Marble, Granite)₹1,132.00
1. Rates may change without prior notice
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